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Entry #20

One last thing before I go...

2010-05-19 22:14:51 by Sonictherocker

Just wanna say congratulations to all the sonic haters that managed to give me a really hard time here on newgrounds... You guys managed to make me so pissed off / Sad that I realized that newgrounds wasn't the same as the day I first logged in.
Newgrounds has changed a lot these last years and for me it's getting worse... People are becoming assholes, noone can stand a different opinion or even a different taste of something (in my case liking a fictional hedgehog).
So as my last act here on Newgrounds I just wanted to say my final thoughts... and if someone actually agree with me, post a comment here. If you disagree you can also post your thoughts here.



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2010-08-08 14:43:16

Dude...Dont Leave man.... :( not gonna be the same...

Sonictherocker responds:

wow ur still here? I thought u left too... but anyway I'm not coming to newgrounds that often I try to come back like every once in a month but I'm kinda out too.


2010-09-04 10:52:14

I know like alot of people on NG are becoming retards.And I also like Sonic.

Sonictherocker responds:

that's good to know that some people are still tolerant...


2011-03-18 14:17:00

Wanna be friends

Sonictherocker responds:

sure if u want to but don't expect any news from me here


2011-03-29 13:17:25

i am very sorry for you having to leave i know it's hard i got a comment saying i won't last here but look at me now. Anyway i understand you leaveing cause there are lots of people who want to annoy you but if you stay never give up Sonictherocker never give up

Sonictherocker responds:

thanks for the kind words but I won't come back to newgrounds... you can find me in deviantart if you want


2011-05-18 19:39:54

wanna be friends?...
before you die...(sniff)

Sonictherocker responds:

O.o? who said I was dying? We can be friends if you want just don't expect any news from me here in NG I'm mostly active in DeviantArt and YouTube